WE Response to Covid-19

Due to the recent situation, resulting from Covid-19, Warwickshire Events has been looking at ways to keep our staff, clients and the public safe.  So, in collaboration with WM Projects, we have designed and produced a variety of hands free sanitiser units.


What makes our units different to what is already available on the market?


  • Our units are mobile and totally hands free – a simple pump of the foot releases sanitiser meaning no contact with surfaces.

  • Our Units use 5 litre or 25 litre containers meaning less refilling and replenishing.

  • No power supply is needed.

  • Multiple sizes and colours are available to ensure it fits in with multiple settings. 

  • We can customise the graphic to your individual company, group or school.


Pricing for 0-9 units is £480+VAT per unit, for 10-99 it is £450+VAT and for 100+ it is £420+VAT per unit.


We are working with other local companies to offer hand sanitiser.  If you order during May you will receive a free 5 litres of hand sanitiser (at least 70% Alcohol) per unit.


For more information please contact us or visit our dedicated web site

Warwickshire Events Hand Sanitiser Units