Warwickshire Events has a variety of signs, light up numbers and letters, props and equipment available to hire.  This includes bespoke archways, ideal as a grand entrance for your guests and bridal party.  We also have giant love letters, picture frames and an all important sweet bar.  More items are being added as we go.

If you don't see what you are after please contact us as we are able to design and create bespoke items, so no matter what you are after let us know! 

Entrance Archway

Warwickshire Events Entrance Arch and bespoke signs available to buy or hire for use at Weddings, events and parties

This is bespoke and made to size, contact us for further details.

Light up  Numbers and Love Letters

The light up numbers and letters and our love letters can be hired for prices starting from £100 for your event.

Bespoke Signs 

Warwickshire Events Bespoke Signs available for Weddings, events and parties

Signs are bespoke and made to order.  Those pictured would be approximately £25-£30.

Sweet Bar

Warwickshire Events Sweetcart available for hire for Weddings, Corporate Events and parties

The sweet bar is £100 (unstocked) to hire for your event.  If you require stocking this can be done at an additional cost and to your specifications.

Picture Frames

The picture frames are £50 each to hire for your event or all 3 are £100.

Champagne Cork Heart

Warwickshire Events Champagne Cork Heart for hire for Weddings, Corporate Events and parties

The champagne cork heart is £20 to hire for your event.