Jacket Potatoes are nutritious and delicious, providing a wholesome and tasty alternative.  Bursting with flavour, they are ideal as a snack or as a meal itself with an endless variety of fillings to suit all palettes.  WE pride ourselves on giving customers quality produce at affordable prices. Our delicious jacket potatoes are cooked using our Victorian Pickwick Oven and served from our converted horsebox trailer. This enables us to serve up scrumptious jackets that are cooked to perfection.

Buffets and stuffy business lunches can be tiresome, predictable and lacklustre.  Why not try something different and unique; a simple and uncomplicated catering service that is popular with all.  Deliciously healthy and diverse, our jacket potatoes are served fresh with a choice of popular hot and cold fillings.

As well as business and corporate events many of our clients utilise our catering services for their annual family fun days, staff events, functions and parties. Kind-hearted companies looking to show appreciation to their staff often treat their employees to lunch. Our jackets are always a popular catering choice and with that all-important variety of fillings we are always able to offer something for everyone. The flexibility of our service means we can cater for large numbers.

The Potato Box

The Potato Box and a variety of our topping selections.