What WE are doing about Covid-19

Due to the recent situation, resulting from Covid-19, Warwickshire Events has been looking at ways to keep our staff, clients and the public safe. 

So, in collaboration with WM Projects, we have designed and produced a variety of hands free sanitiser units.

What makes our units different to what is already available on the market?

Our units are mobile and totally hands free – a simple pump of the foot releases sanitiser meaning no contact with surfaces.

Our Units use 5 litre or 25 litre containers meaning less refilling and replenishing.

No power supply is needed.

Multiple sizes and colours are available to ensure it fits in with multiple settings. 

We can customise the graphic to your individual company, group or school.

Pricing for 0-9 units is £480+VAT per unit, for 10-99 it is £450+VAT and for 100+ it is £420+VAT per unit.

We are working with other local companies to offer hand sanitiser.  If you order during May you will receive a free 5 litres of hand sanitiser (at least 70% Alcohol) per unit.